CSULB – Week of Welcome and First GBM

1014606_786176011430887_2504732450748046256_oSWE welcomed back students from winter break at “Week of Welcome”, an event for all CSULB student organizations to interact. We reached out to many new members and saw many new faces at our first GBM; returning members gladly came back to see what we have in store for the semester. The students enthusiastic about participating in our upcoming events and joining our publicity/involvement subcommitee.

As students enjoyed complimentary pizza, we discussed our annual events to the newcomers and emphasized our upcoming events, such as Mr. and Mrs. Engineer Pageant for CSULB Engineering Week. We also encouraged more students to attend the upcoming Region B conference for some networking and leadership opportunities.

We look forward to the upcoming Engineering Week in mid-February, where we will get to be involved with other engineering organizations and recruit even more members!10968341_788333411215147_7958740433086158765_n 1502554_785780021470486_6891587722880959188_n


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