Recruiting Freshman (Freshman Discount) – Cal Poly SLO

The Cal Poly chapter of the Society of Women Engineers usually offers the Freshman Discount only during the fall quarter, when both freshman and first-quarter transfer students can get a C2C SWE Membership for $30, instead of the regular $50.This is an exclusive offer and a great bargain, considering that the membership payment covers all of collegiate membership and the first year of profession membership after graduation.
This year, Cal Poly SWE has extended the C2C Freshman Discount so that first-year students can still take advantage of joining our prestigious group. In order to advertise, SWE officers will be visiting dorms and setting up booths where freshman students can easily and conveniently pay the discounted membership price and receive their SWE membership discount card, which can be redeemed at various local stores and restaurants for sweet deals all over town. This is in addition to all of the other invaluable opportunities that SWE members have once they join. There has never been a better time to join Cal Poly SWE!


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