SWE Hits Riverside Fashion Week – UC Riverside

IMG_2623“Dress to impress!” was the theme at SWE’s third general meeting. The professional development committee aimed to show its audience how to dress to an interview, a detail often overlooked. This workshop came at an appropriate time since now is the time for engineering students to prepare for summer internships.

The audience in the meeting were in for a great learning experience, with a twist! A short presentation explained the difference between business casual and business profession wear. Nine student models represented these outfits for women and men. However, when the models showed off their professional clothes there was an error in their outfit; it was up to the audience to point out this error. Common mistakes were; long length ties on men, inappropriate use of make up on women, wrinkled clothes, and wrong shoes.

Enthusiastic members were quick to guess most slipups of our models, while others so subtle that only an interviewer standing a few feet away would notice. The first appearance is an important one, and we learned to avoid these pitfalls.


2 thoughts on “SWE Hits Riverside Fashion Week – UC Riverside

  1. SWE SDSU did a similar “Dress to Impress” meeting the week before regional conference! I like how your section had real models, I had a hard time trying to find pictures of professional college students who weren’t professional models.

    We also did a section on how to construct an elevator speech, proper introductions/handshakes, and a brief resume workshop.

  2. Awesome work UCR SWE! CSULB SWE is taking notes. Nice idea to be incorporated for future meetings and preparation for both National & Regional Conference.

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