CSULB’s Journey – 2015 SWE Regional Conference and Awards

ucWTzcWpIBBVFlL-QZgDHKFbcGxGgN0zktQUNPo9X-srN_z3VNQgMTOjLNJsHD6bjQzkqA=s2048pGdYviBAzOCQ04cxuaPOkKud5npmO1YSVumnSJb30xldnZcgluS_ICuDwMOAmcHgJV7O4w=s2048CSULB SWE attended its Region B Conference held in San Luis Obispo, CA from February 27th to March 1st. The conference included professional workshops, a career fair and distinguished keynote speakers. A special shoutout to UCR SWE chapter for being awesome. The conference ended with a stellar note: CSULB SWE received the Collegiate Highest Membership Growth Award with a staggering 178% SWE national membership growth for the 2014-2015 academic year!

IMG_0037IMG_0071In order to achieve this increase, much work was needed of the executive board officers. Publicity chair Katie Lebya spread the word about CSULB SWE through various social media, including facebook, twitter and instagram. Webmaster Marianne Gonzalez also utilized the chapter website as well. We emphasized the benefits of national membership at every GBM, and provided step-by-step guidance on how to register as a national member. By simply communicating effectively to engineering students, we were able to exceed our membership goals. Congrats to all our SWE Officers and members for an outstanding job!IMG_0140

The fun didn’t end there. On their ride back home from 2015 SWE Regional Conference, CSULB and UCR SWE members decided to have some fun by visiting Ostrich Land and the pleasant Danish town Solvang, CA.The journey to and from this event definitely added a nice touch to the experience. We hope everyone else had just as much fun!



One thought on “CSULB’s Journey – 2015 SWE Regional Conference and Awards

  1. It’s always great to see the different student chapters networking together! Making connections at university is great but making connections through SWE is another great advantage of being active. Congratulations on your growing chapter CSULB!

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