Cal Poly SWE First General Meeting

Cal Poly SWE’s first general meeting of the 2015-2016 school year took place on September 30th. The meeting’s main purpose was to allow freshmen and transfer students the opportunity to sign up for SWE memberships. In fact, we had an entire row of tables set up to accept payment and register these new members online. We had such a huge turn out that not everyone even fit into the room. Many of the members squeezed together on the floor, shared chairs, and even remained right outside the door to hear the announcements being made. We estimated an attendance of around 250 people. Almost all of the 50+ pizzas ordered were gone before the beginning of the meeting.

 DSC_0306         DSC_0333

Our Chapter President, the lovely Victoria Spencer, spoke and gave an overview of our events planned for Fall Quarter, as well as explained the purpose of SWE to the new members. She discussed the events we needed volunteers for, and how the new and existing members can get more involved with our events and committees.

 DSC_0310        DSC_0307

It was encouraging to see so much interest in SWE, especially so many eager women just starting their time as engineering students at Cal Poly. We hope the first general meeting will provide a good model for the success of Cal Poly SWE for the rest of the year.


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