Cal Poly Fall Girl Scout Day 2015

This year, we had approximately 50 Brownie Girl Scouts attend our Girl Scout Day event. In groups of 10 to 15, the girls rotated through 4 different hands-on engineering labs, spending 40 minutes at each lab. Labs included Neutral Buoyancy, Coin Sorter, Hovercraft, and Puff Mobile activities where the girls learned about different science and engineering principles and then applied them in a hands-on building challenge.

blob (2)

One of the parents said that this event was a “completely enriching and valuable experience for these little girls!” While the volunteers said they liked “getting to see the Girl Scouts come to their own conclusions about how the labs worked and seeing them get excited when they knew the correct answer.” Another volunteer said, “My favorite part of the event was helping the Girl Scouts with their projects. I liked watching future engineers put their designs to the test.” Overall, it was a fun day for both Girl Scouts and Cal Poly students.


blob (1)

Puff Mobile


Neutral Buoyancy

Some of the things we did to make this event run smoothly include: sorting and portioning out supplies before the event, making video instructions for each lab, and creating clipboards with all of the relevant information for the lab leaders.

This event would not have been possible without the enthusiastic volunteers and the support of the local Girl Scout troops.

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