On November 21st, UCSD SWE had a fun outreach event with 14 young motivated middle schoolers from Joe Baca Middle School in Bloomington. Along with a tour of our campus, we shared sandwiches and drinks under the warm sun. Our volunteers were able to socialize and answer questions of the students. It was great to hear their aspirations even at such a young age.

After lunch, we had a panel of college students from every year as well as faculty members answer some questions to help guide the children as they enter high school. This was followed by a friendly competition to put their engineering skills to the test. We had a basic egg drop—but with a twist!

As engineers, we need to learn to create the best product and presentation with the material and funding we are given. The kids had 4,000 dollars to spend on anything from 750 dollar Googly eyes to 2000 dollar bubble wrap. In only an hour, they were able to make structures to support their eggs up to 30 feet. Each project team gave a presentation to advertise their product to a company of SWE members. At the end of the day we were sad to see them leave, but we hope they will visit again!



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