SWE-UCLA AFTC Infosession

SWE held an infosession with the Air Force Test Center on Wednesday, November 4 from 6-8pm. The External Vice President was contacted by a representative from the base over the summer requesting an infosession to be held. She stayed in contact with him to figure out the logistical details, such as date, time, and location. After confirming these with him, she brought the two officers holding the infosession into contact with him (around 3 weeks before November 4). In the intro email they sent to him, they went over the general guideline for infosessions and information regarding AV equipment, parking passes, and food. After hearing back, they ordered two parking passes through Parking Services. Since AFTC is run by government funds, they were not able to provide food. Around two weeks before, the officers contacted the Publicity Director, who created flyers and a Facebook event.

The day before the infosession, one of the officers gave the rep information regarding parking and also exchanged contact info with him. On the day of, she met up with another officer to prepare set-up. They brought chips and soda, in addition to the SWE laptop for sign-ins and a projector for the presentation. They met up at 5 because they were told the reps were coming between 5 and 5:30. However, they were unaware of the fact that a class was going on where the infosession was taking place until 5:50. They informed the reps about this once they came, so they ended up going to SEASCafe and talking with the reps until they could go back to set up. There were 11 people who attended the infosession. The talks from the reps about the company were very engaging, and after they presented a lesson on Jamming to Signal Ratios. The reps seemed happy to come, and said they would love to participate with SWE in the future for events such as base tours or attending EWI.


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