SWE UCR Thanksgiving Potluck

This year, the UCR chapter of SWE held a joint Thanksgiving potluck with our local chapter of EWB, Engineers Without Borders. Setting up for this social was a lot of fun! We hung up turkeys, orange and brown swirls, and balloons all around the room. It was a lot less stressful setting up and decorating everything for this event because we had the helping hands of EWB, which meant we only did half the work (but still had all the fun)!

We started the event off with karaoke battles. Two people would sing and then be awarded with prizes, so there weren’t much of battles but an underlying competitive edge brought out the best voices in people. Then, we played this game called “Questions”. In this game, everyone got into lines of two and the two people at the end would have to keep talking in questions around a certain scenario. This may sound simple but it was actually quite challenging and amusing.

The main event, of course, was the food. People brought all sorts of delicious pies and side dishes; best of all, we had two turkeys and a whole roasted chicken! We ate and drank our way into blissful fullness, extremely thankful to be a part of these great clubs and hoped for many more fun times in the future.


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