CSUF SWE Bows Bandanas and STEM

CSUF SWE had the opportunity to help Esperanza High School Senior, Alejandra Solis, receive her Girl Scouts Gold Award Badge on Saturday, January 30, 2016. Alejandra’s final task was to share her passion with a group of younger scouts ranging from ages 9-13. Since she will be attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s mechanical engineering program this fall, Alejandra decided to host “Bows, Bandanas, and STEM,” a day filled with engineering activities and lots of SWEets.

The day began with a lesson of columns and bridge designs from a representative of the Riverside County Transportation Department who challenged the young scouts to construct their very own gummy bear bridges. Next stop: edible cars! With tools such as mini donuts, lifesavers, and bananas, the girls were asked to design and build the most functional vehicle for their gummy bear drivers. Things got a little more technical as the day went on when the future engineers were encouraged to create the next top downloaded app. CSUF SWE had a blast being a part of this fun filled event and are wishing Alejandra the best of luck with her promising engineering career.

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