University of Utah SWE’s Spring Semester Opening Social

The University of Utah SWE section held a Spring Semester Opening Social on January 26th. This was a very successful event with about 60 people attending. There were many students at the social who heard about SWE and this event at the Engineering Club Rush tabling the Thursday before, so it was also a good opportunity for them to learn more about what SWE does and get to know others. Everyone enjoyed pizza, cookies, and soda while they met new and old friends. We used a laptop for signing in (before anyone got pizza on their fingers) and this was much better than the paper sign in sheets we had used in the past because it was easy to add students to our email list without having to type addresses into the computer and decipher handwriting. The focus of this social, besides getting to know each other, was to increase involvement in committees. We had a table for each of the three committees – Social, Outreach, and Professional Development – and members were able to talk to current committee chairs and sign up for whichever committee interested them. There have already been new participants at committee meetings in the past week so this was a good outcome. Overall, this was a great start to our semester!



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