Cal Poly SWE Plays Intramural Soccer

This Winter Quarter, Cal Poly SWE has paired with Cal Poly’s Engineering Fraternity, Sigma Phi Delta, to play Intramural Soccer!  We joined the Division 3, Co-Recreational League and play on Thursdays at 10:30pm.

Our team includes both officers and members from our collegiate section.  Some of our players have never played soccer before, so we held a practice to teach them how to play before our first game.

So far, we’ve played two games.  During our first game, we had a lot of fun!  It was our first time playing together, and we learned how to work together on and off the field through  substitutions and by setting plays.  Although we lost our first game in a close battle, we learned from our experience and improved our strategy for the next one.

And… we won our second game!  It was an incredible game, and we all had a great time!

We look forward to playing more games and keeping the blog updated with the results! We encourage that all SWE sections create Intramural teams on their campuses to motivate SWE members to stay active and have fun playing sports!


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