Cal Poly SWE’s 40th Annual EWI

Cal Poly Society of Women Engineers hosted its 40th annual “Evening with Industry” on Thursday, January 21st. The event was hosted at Avila Beach Golf Resort that overlooked a beautiful sunset view. This year reached a record high in attendance at 350 guests at all 45 tables. 33 companies were represented including Google, Lockheed Martin, St. Jude, and many more. This event allows students the opportunity to intermingle with company representatives during a cocktail hour and then have a banquet dinner at a company table of the students’ choice. This event allows for students to make connections with potential employers in a casual and fun environment.

This year, Cal Poly SWE generated over $44,000 in scholarships to be awarded to 39 recipients during EWI. SWE was lucky to have many of the company donors in attendance.

Poly SWE was honored to have Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong in attendance. Betsy Huigens, a Cal Poly alumni and former SWE president, came to present the keynote address on the theme of “4 Decades of Discovery”. It was an honor having Ms. Huigens back at Cal Poly.

SWE was excited over the success of Evening with Industry and looks forward to hosting it for many years to come.

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