Cal Poly SWE at the ABJ Regional Conference

On February 19-21, Cal Poly SWE’s Collegiate Section sent 28 officers and members to the SWE ABJ Regional Conference in Seattle, Washington!

Our members had the opportunity to connect with like-minded SWE members both professional and collegiate, network with employers at the career fair, be inspired by keynote speakers, celebrate all things engineering, and experience the wonders at Seattle!


We started planning this trip by advertising the conference and sending out applications to officers and members. Our Executive Board reviewed these applications and based their selection on the applicant’s involvement in SWE as well as their passion and reason to attend. Hotel, flights, and carpools were made accordingly to ensure a smooth travel to and from Seattle.

From leaving town at 4AM in the morning to scheduling an over booked plane with two groups and one delayed flight. From warm, summer weather in San Luis Obispo to cold, rainy weather in Seattle. From nervous hellos to carpooling and sharing beds together. Traveling is always stressful, but with the energy and excitement from every single member, it only made the trip more fun and a great opportunity to learn more about what SWE has to offer!

Additionally, during the dinner, Rebecca Kendell, our Vice President of Corporate Relations, was awarded the Emerging Leader award!

This conference was very successful in inspiring Cal Poly SWE members to become more involved. It also was a great time to bond with our section! We look forward to attending SWE Nationals in Philadelphia next!

Also, congratulations to those who will be graduating this year!


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