Senate Update from Your Collegiate Senator

This is a review of the Senate update that was given at the Region B Collegiate Meeting at the ABJ Conference.

1. Motion S1605, which allows the board to choose up to three special directors, was adopted as proposed at the Winter Senate Meeting in Philadelphia. More information on this motion can be found on the Region B Senate blog or the Senate website, both listed below.

2. Here are the three initiatives that the strategic initiatives committee is focusing on:

a. SWE’s Small Business Members
b. SWE’s Entrepreneurs
c. How to utilize men as diversity partners

3. Your senators, region governors, board members and some longtime SWE members are working on discussing changes to SWE’s Governance Structure. These changes may affect your sections in the coming years. Head to this SWE website for more information and a video discussing some of these changes:

We would love to have input from any collegiates on some of these upcoming changes. If you want to provide your input, you can always comment on the blog or reach out to your senator. Contact information for Carina Hahn, your senator, can be found on the blog.

The Senate also has a new overall website where you can find information about the senate and much more. Check it out!


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