Best Practices — Running Infosessions at UCLA

Here at UCLA, we’ve formed a system that we’ve found to work really well with running company recruiting sessions. For starters, whenever a company or sponsor expresses interest in holding an infosession, our External Vice President works to fit these 1-2 hour sessions in our public calendar, while the Internal Vice President looks into room reservations. A condition that we enforce is that the session cannot be solely a recruiting session just about the company, and that it requires at bare minimum a short presentation about a useful topic that will help all SWE members either academically or professionally, such as resume tips, phone interview tips, or even interesting research at the company. This way, we ensure that the session is mutually beneficial for as many of our attendees as possible, even if the company is in an industry that differs from that of their own. We have also developed a “Infosession Hosting Guide” that has been passed down over the years for each External Vice President to continuously update as feedback comes in or logistical practices are changed. Every one of our officers is in charge of co-hosting 2 infosessions a year, which evenly splits up the work. 3 weeks before the date of a scheduled infosession, the External Vice President introduces the two officers to the company representatives, thereby handing the logistics over to them. With the aid of the “Infosession Hosting Guide”, which also includes email templates and FAQs, the two officers simply follow the logistical milestones for the next 3 weeks from reserving parking spaces on campus, making purchase orders for catering and processes and methods of publicity. This guide is the foundation on which our club effectively delegates work to the respective officers for infosessions, and ensures that everyone is on the same page with regard to logistical needs. We’d love to hear how other clubs organize their infosessions too so we can make improvements to our system as well, so do leave a comment to get in touch.



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