CSUF SWE Recharges with Pizza



Twice a month CSUF SWE members get together and fundraise over $70 in just a few short hours. We’ve come up with a fun and easy way to make a few extra bucks by selling Costco Pizza. After putting our heads together and working out the logistics, we figured out that at $2 a slice we would make a profit of $14 dollars a pizza. To avoid dealing with too many left-overs we advise to start out small and buying no more than five pizzas and noting which topping sells the most. After two days of our “Recharge with Pizza” event, we noticed that six pizzas usually sell out in two to three hours with pepperoni being the top seller. Scheduling should not be a huge issue; due to its low maintenance manner, this event only requires two people to run, a food handler and cashier. So far, we’ve only sold pizza in our engineering quad but will soon expand our market pool to our main quad. In conclusion, we have found this to be a very simple and extremely profitable fundraising idea because it is well known scientific fact that no one loves pizza more than a broke, hungry college student.



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