SWE-UCLA Spring Retreat

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From Friday April 8th to Saturday April 9th, the incoming and outgoing SWE UCLA Executive Boards got together for our quarterly retreat. It was a great opportunity for old and new board members to bond with each other and give/receive advice. The evening started with takeout food and fun ice breakers, including our least favorite vegetable, which people are surprisingly very passionate about this topic. Then a fun game of “Would You Rather” ensued; it was really entertaining to watch engineers debate on topics such as the right way to open a banana, pouring cereal or milk first, etc.

We utilized a student group car rental service, BruinCar, and headed out to a beach house for a Girl’s Night consisting of nail painting, baking, having hot chocolate and watching a movie. The next day, more board members joined us for fun on the beach, including building sand castles, playing football, hunting for sand crabs, and a mini zip-lining. Everybody did a great job pitching in on cleaning the house and we all headed home after a great retreat!


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