SWE- Cal Poly SLO Attends Student Leadership Workshop at UCR

On Saturday, August 13, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo SWE officers attended the one day Student Leadership Workshop (SLW) held on the UCR campus. Students from different schools and organizations, such as SHPE, NSBE, Tau Beta Pi, ACHE, and Theta Tau came together to learn from one another and network with industry representatives.

Upon arrival, we were each given name tags with a different color sticker on the tag. We then proceeded to gather around tables with people who had the same sticker color. Each table had a company representative, allowing us to not only network with and learn from each other but to also have someone from the industry’s perspective. Following breakfast and introductions, we shared with each other some of our “best practices” at our chapter’s organization. We met many other SWE chapters and absorbed some excellent ideas!

Afterwards, company and career center representatives held panels and mini workshops about improving your organization and professional development skills. Overall, we had fun throughout the day, met members from other chapters and organizations, and learned a lot! We look forward to the next SLW!


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