SWE SDSU Welcome Week, Day 1!

SWE SDSU held their first day of Welcome Week of the Fall 2016 semester today! It consisted of a group hang out at the Starbucks in the beautiful SDSU Student Union for SWE members and interested Freshmen to come and have coffee in between classes! Ladies came for as long as they could before running off to their next class, but over the two hours that the event took place, ladies got to meet new friends and reconnect with their well-known female engineers.

A couple of the officers even managed to grab the big round table in the middle of the coffee shop for this event! The event took place from 11 am – 1 pm and SWE ladies talked about what they did over the summer, their current work and school load, and exciting events that have yet to take place! The event was a nice and refreshing, not to mention much needed, gathering in the midst of the hectic back-to-school season.

That being said, SWE SDSU can’t wait to see what’s in store for next week!

Displaying IMG_4420.JPG

SWE SDSU officers and members during Coffee Shop Hangout!



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