Enormous Activities Fair

The Annual Enormous Activities Fair took place on Tuesday, September 20th under the hot LA sun between 11AM-3PM. The main purpose of the event was to recruit potential new members to SWE and attend the upcoming Fall GM. A table was set up in front of Royce Hall and people had a chance to ask the board about what SWE was and how to get involved. Overall, it was a successful experience for both officers who attended as well as people who were interested in the club. It was fascinating to hear the variety of experiences each board member had with SWE. This aspect of the event definitely made it more relatable and personal in the flurry of crowds and intense club flyering. Throughout the day, people were given a short spiel of what SWE is and upcoming events to get them more involved in the club. In addition, there was a handful of males who visited the SWE table to ask how they could get involved. After the event, all supplies were packed up and used the following day for yet another tabling event to engage more potential members.


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