UCR’s First SWEety Meet Up: Lean In Session

The first ever SWEety meet-up was a unique and special experience to those who attended. This event was geared towards a smaller group because we were to implement a Lean-In activity, developed by Facebook, LinkedIn and the Anita Borg Institute. The purpose of the activity was to get to know one another in a short period of time.

This was a great idea to implement at the first SWEety meet-up because these series of events (The SWEety meet-up) were developed to renew our purpose, to promote women and develop a supportive network of strong women! The meet-ups are different that our general member meetings in that they provide an intimidate atmosphere for general members to come and be able to get close.


The Lean In activity we were asked questions ranging from, “What is your biggest regret” to “who have you always wanted to thank but didn’t, and why?”. These sorts of questions dug deep into our hearts and always have a quick initial story for one to share.

Our “Lean In Circle” enjoyed donuts as we went around the room and shared pieces of our lives. The group also learned about the Lean-In program and were encouraged to meet with the same group once more.


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