SWE SDSU Pumpkin Carving GBM

On Tuesday, October 18th, SWE SDSU hosted a GBM dedicated to hosting a pumpkin carving contest (as well as informing our members of upcoming events and last minute questions/concerns about EPD the next day!). Our members divided up into groups of 2-4 and there were three categories for the contest: most unique, funniest, and scariest. The groups had 20 minutes to decide on a design, carve out their pumpkin, and present it to be judged!

2016-10-18 08.21.24.jpg

Everyone was given 3 stickers (each sticker corresponded to a category), and put the stickers on the pumpkin they believed stood out the most for each category.

The winners were as followed! (Pictured below)
Most funny: “What’s a mathematician’s favorite dessert? Pumpkin Pi!”

Most unique: “Juanes + Pumpkin”

Most scary: “Student Debt”



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