Engineering is SWEll

SWE-USC held our annual event, Engineering is SWEll, on Saturday, November 12th from 10-12. Approximately 35 3rd, 4th and 5th grade girls and their families were put into groups and cycled through four 25 minute workshops. The workshops allowed the girls to make a Rube Goldberg, toy race car, entrepreneurship presentation, and learn about 3D printing. Afterwards, lunch was provided for all of the attendees and volunteers. The event was created and run by SWE’s chapter at USC, but two other organizations, SC Racing and 3D4E ran two of the workshops at the event. The children were invited about 3 weeks before the event and the teachers we were in contact with were provided with a map from the parking structure to the location of the event. We also collected the parents’ contact information and sent them specifics about the event. I provided my personal phone number for them so they could contact me if they had any questions or concerns. All in all, the event seemed to run smoothly and the attendees voiced that they had a great time.


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