Cal Poly SLO SWE BAE Day

Over 300 middle school kids poured onto Cal Poly SLO’s campus on October 22nd for the Society of Women Engineers’ biannual Building an Engineer Day. The main goals of the event are to help students better understand what engineering is and encourage them to consider it for their education and career paths. Over 100 Cal Poly volunteers helped ensure the success of this event!


Each of the activities was hosted by a different engineering club and featured a hands-on activity. The students’ favorite labs included “Spaghetti and Marshmallow Tower,” “Bridge Building with K’Nex,” and “Ping Pong Catapult.”

After the event, students talked about what engineers do, if they enjoyed the activities, and what they learned during the day. Students’ responses showed that the activities peaked their interest in engineering and all the opportunities it offers. We look forward to another exciting Building an Engineering Day in the spring!



First image: Breaking into activity groups at the beginning of the day in Cal Poly’s Engineering Plaza.

Second and third  image: Students participating in club-led activities.


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