SWE Welcome Volunteer Meeting Blog Post

On November 3rd, Fall SWE Welcome Committee members and volunteers met to discuss the upcoming Fall SWE Welcome Outreach event and assign tasks that must be finished before the event. The entire workforce was composed of a Volunteer Coordinator, two Participant Coordinators, a Housing Coordinator, a T-shirt Coordinator, and several freshmen female engineering students interested in being involved in community outreach.
Berkeley Davis, the Volunteer Coordinator and former High School Outreach Chair, used her experience to teach Jenna Williams and Claudia Mendez, the Participant Coordinators, how to pair each participant with day and night hosts who study an engineering major the participant is interested in. Judith Lopez, worked with Cal Poly Housing, participants, and overnight hosts to ensure all the necessary paperwork and information was submitted for overnight accommodations. Caroline Olesh, T-Shirt Coordinator, worked with Left Coast T-Shirt Company to create participant and volunteer T-shirts for the event. Volunteers for the event worked on creating nametags for participants and volunteers, compiling participant packets for the roller coaster engineering challenge, and making posters for check-in and check-out.
The SWE Cal Poly Vice President of Community Outreach and High School Outreach Chair are appreciative of the support and enthusiasm from all the event coordinators and volunteers. Fall SWE Welcome would not be possible without it!



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