Cal Poly SLO at Santa Maria High School Robotics Club Mentoring

On Wednesday, March 8th Cal Poly SLO SWE sent three members to Santa Maria High School (SMHS) to mentor their Robotics Club. The Santa Maria High School Robotics Club has over 25 members of all different grades. They spend every Thursday after school working on various types of robots. During this meeting, the students were working on building their very first VEX Robots.
Cal Poly SLO SWE members assisted students in building their robots to maneuver a maze both autonomously and with a driver. Since these were their very first VEX robots the students were generally following the provided manual, with mentors assisting as needed. With the recently released college acceptances the mentors were also able to interact with future Cal Poly engineers and answer questions about college and engineering in general. Cal Poly SLO SWE is looking forward to returning to SMHS Robotics Club in a few weeks to continue outreaching to the students and helping them with their VEX Robots.


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