SWE-UCR Elections and Raffle

It was that time of year again — elections for next year’s board. Not only that, but it was also our last general meeting of the quarter. Time to close in on all of our hard work with pizza and prizes! Many people entered the room anxiously, with their speeches in hands. We had around thirty applicants to be on next year’s board, but only fourteen positions available. We all listened to the speeches of a variety of personalities and styles. It was great to see so much enthusiasm to support women in engineering and just how many UCR students were willing to make that commitment. Everyone had only two minutes to speak on why they should be elected for their chosen position, except for president and vice president candidates who had four minutes. From all the passion and confidence spoken on during the speeches, it became more and more clear that the elections committee was going to have to make some tough decisions. However, now all there is to do it wait and see what the voters and the elections committee decide.

After the speeches, we closed the meeting with a raffle. We had started a new project this year where we gave stamp cards to all our members to reward their consistency and loyalty in coming to SWE events. The more events they come to, the better prizes they could win! A couple of people won some generously donated drones. Other prizes included school supplies and awesome gift cards.

It was great to hear from all of the impressive candidates and to see the quarter come to an end with some fun prizes. Many candidates had very unique and original ideas on how to make our organization better. The spirit in our members, all of them very deserving individuals, was shown that day. Let us wish them all good luck in finals and in their hopeful election!


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