SWE-UCLA Winter General Meeting and Social

On January 12, SWE-UCLA held our quarterly general meeting with a fun twist – the meeting also included a mug decorating social! As usual, our general meetings are designed to inform SWE members about our upcoming events for the quarter. Winter is an especially busy quarter for us as we host our two flagship events: Evening with Industry and Wow! That’s Engineering day. Publicizing these two events at our GM was a huge success. Through our GM we sold plenty of EWI tickets and were able to recruit a good number of volunteers for Wow!. Following all the event updates, our former Internal Vice President and current SWE-LA member Kritika Iyer shared with us their upcoming scholarship opportunities.
As usual, our meeting also included free food from our favorite pizza joint Enzos. Once the meeting concluded and everyone got their slice of Enzos, the social began. Our Student Relations director Farhana organized this social after realizing that we had way too many SWE mugs in our office. To decorate our mugs, she selected a beautiful array of acrylic paints along with chalkboard paint! The social transformed the Boelter Penthouse from a formal meeting room into an arts and craft center.
By the end of the night, people went home with one or two beautifully decorated mugs. Compared to our former Winter GM’s, this GM had a great turnout which we attribute to also having a social right after. We highly recommend some form decorating social to be used at other SWE chapters. It’s a great way to relax and hang out with other SWEeties and also take care of any unused SWE swag in the office.


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