SWE-UCR: Facebook University

This winter SWE@UCR hosted a Facebook University program information session with our favorite recruiter Anthony Rodari. The Facebook University program is a Facebook internship program specifically for first and second year engineering students to help them sharped their programming skills with university like courses in mobile development while receiving mentorship from current Facebook employees, all while getting all the perks and benefits of full time Facebook engineers. Anthony was kind enough to spend some time walking us through the application process, and speak a bit about what recruiters are specifically looking for in an engineering application that doesn’t require any code or technical interviews. He also spent some time with us discussing the difficulties that Facebook has had increasing representation, and some of the new initiatives that they are creating to try and combat this problem. The event ended with Facebook internship alum Kyle Minshall discussing the campus and atmosphere that students could expect while working at Facebook. Overall this event was a great reminder that even new engineers have a lot to contribute to the field.


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