SWE-UCLA: Annual Etiquette Dinner

On January 18, 2017, SWE-UCLA hosted our annual Etiquette Dinner in preparation for our largest formal networking event, Evening with Industry, scheduled for February 2. We partnered with the local professional section, SWE-LA, to provide student attendees with some more seasoned advice regarding formal table manners and networking etiquette. A former SWE-UCLA alumna and former Internal Vice President as well as the current and former SWE-LA presidents represented SWE-LA. 27 UCLA students attended the event which nearly met our goal of 35 students. Of these 27 students, many of them were first-time Evening with Industry attendees. The dinner lasted the full two hours as students had numerous questions for our SWE-LA representatives. Students enjoyed the feedback and advice that they got, and the event continued in its legacy of being a success. Although in previous years we had a corporate partner for this event, this year’s Etiquette Dinner still managed to attract a sizable attendance and provided valuable advice in advance of Evening with Industry.


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