UNM SWE Engineering Your Future

This past weekend on Saturday April 1st, our University of New Mexico SWE chapter held an event called Engineering Your Future in which we had a series of activities and presentations aimed at getting high-schoolers informed and interested in the various engineering fields. We had about 40 students and around 35 volunteers from our organization throughout the day so it ended up being a very one-on-one experience.


We had sections featuring chemical, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering and talked about the types of engineering that branched off of these such as computer and biomedical. We gave presentations with information regarding each of the disciplines and then had the high school students complete an interactive activity related to that discipline where they would have to do things such as make a polymer out of glue and borax or build the largest structure you can out of spaghetti with a marshmallow on top. It was an extremely fun event for both the volunteers and the students and when we held a questionnaire at the end we got very positive feedback from the high-schoolers and many had even decided on a school of engineering that they wanted to pursue in the future. We look forward to having this event again next year!


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