Cal Poly SLO SWENext Leadership Conference Committee

Cal Poly SWE is hosting its first SWENext Leadership Training Conference to give SWENexters the tools necessary to run a successful SWENext club. This Conference will feature a keynote speaker from a professional SWE chapter, a series of workshops including a Certified Techbridge Training, a StyleKemistry presentation, and activities concerning how to run a successful meeting. We will include a panel consisting of active SWE members, Cal Poly SWE officers, and Cal Poly SWE committee members from varied years and majors. The conference will be concluded by remarks from our Cal Poly SWE president.

The committee consists of three Cal Poly SWE members, each responsible for a different element of the conference. One committee member is responsible for the panel. Her responsibilities include arranging topics for conversation, leading the Q&A, and inviting Cal Poly SWE members to be the panelists. The second committee member is responsible for arranging the successful meeting and officer position activities. The third committee member is responsible for advertising and outreach to local high schools and other SWENexters. In distributing these responsibilities, Cal Poly SWE ensures a thorough planning process and involves members immensely by giving them opportunities to plan the outreach event.


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