Connecting with Cal Poly, Spring 2017

On May 5th, middle and high school girls from Atascadero and San Luis Obispo came to Cal Poly to learn about engineering. They had all expressed interest in STEM previously and their teacher coordinated the visit to continue to engage them in the field. Cal Poly volunteers showed the students a variety of labs on campus. The Robotics Club let the students play against a computer program-controlled foosball robot opponent and the Innovation Sandbox explained how 3-D printing works as the maker bots whirred in the background. After the brief lab tour, Cal Poly SWE’s High School Outreach Chair gave a presentation about the statistics regarding women in STEM. There was a panel discussion with Cal Poly student and faculty, as well as industry representatives. Students were curious about the college experience in general, with interest in a smattering of subjects from forensic science to astronomy. This was the first event Cal Poly had coordinated with this group; we look forward to expanding this community outreach to parents and educators!


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