SWE-UCR — Big Bear Officer Retreat

Over the course of this past weekend, history was made and legends were born. Our annual officer retreat has seeded the beautiful foundation for the upcoming school year. New officers spent about 42 hours together in the great outdoors (and indoors — in the UCR cabin)! The weekend was incredibly filled with singing, dancing, games, activities, food, exploration, and of course, meetings. Although we had a lot of fun, the weekend was also very productive as we planned out the entire 2017-2018 school year. We also talked about everyone’s personality and work styles. Everyone got to know each other a lot better and became great friends! After hours of karaoke, it was safe to say we were all pretty comfortable with each other. This kind of unity among officers is important to us because it is the the best way we can maximize efficiency when we work together and the quality of SWE’s events.

Since, for a change this year, we had the event during spring quarter instead of in the summer, many of us had homework due over the weekend. However, this was no problem! Groups of SWE officers who shared the same classes worked on their homework together for the first time — which was awesome because that is what we are here to do, support each other as women engineers. We watched Moana one and a half times — talk about women empowerment! We also went on the Castle Rock hike early Saturday morning where we had the chance to physically work together. It was a great way to realize that in SWE no one gets left behind and that we are only as strong as our weakest link, so we must empower ourselves as well as each other in order to succeed.
When the time came to pack up and go home, it was obvious that the vibe was different than when we first arrived at the cabin. We were no longer just a collection of women engineers working together toward a common goal — we were also FRIENDS enjoying each other’s company and inspiring each other to be our best self!



One thought on “SWE-UCR — Big Bear Officer Retreat

  1. Hey UCR SWE! I have a cabin in Big Bear that I’m happy to rent out to SWE sections for very cheap. Sounds like you already have a place to stay, but if you need overflow, let me know in the future. TracyVH@gmail.com. SWE CSULA has used it for their retreat in the past.

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