On Saturday April 29th the Society of Women Engineers held the 14th annual Bourns Engineering Day. The theme was aimed towards environmental engineering with the motto “Engineering for a Better Earth”. With over a hundred volunteers, SWE was able to have 1,200 kindergarten through 8th grade students come learn about the world of engineering. Those attendees were Boy Scouts troops, Girl Scout troops and families from around the community. We had over 25 activities for kids to get a hands on opportunity to learn more about STEM. SWE hosted company booths, robotic teams, Bourns College of Engineering clubs, and other clubs on campus.
One of the past years favorite activity lip balm made its way back to the event again. Volunteers helped students mix the ingredients and explain the chemical reactions that was occurring in their lip balm. We also had borax slime which got the the kids mixing glue, food coloring, and other ingredients to make sure that they got the right slimey texture. One of the few demos we had lemon battery, where volunteers showed kids how lemons acidity had the power to make LEDs light up. Another demo we had was a water filtration system, where kids got to see how clean water would get depending on the layers they put to clean out the dirty water.

SWE also had Bourns, the CEO of Bourns Foundation, who donated a great contribution to the event come and talk to the attendees for the opening ceremony. He highlighted the two Bourns Engineering Day leads Vanessa Coria and Jacob Poole alongside the entire planning committee for their hard work and dedication to the event.
As the day progressed with more attendees coming to the event we had our first guest speaker Dr. Suveen Mathaudhu talk about the science behind superheroes. Later throughout the day we had our second speaker Liza Munoz give a presentation on how a water treatment plant works, presenting to the kids a video of a real water treatment plant. The event kept running with many activities, demonstrations, robotic teams, external booths, and engineering clubs reminding kids what engineering was. Bourns Engineering Day 2017 turned out be a success having more attendees and more activities we were able to introduce STEM and inspire the next wave of engineers.



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