SWE-UCR — Spring Egg Hunt

We kicked off the spring quarter with an egg-celent celebration! What better way to bring people together than with a social! Over a hundred eggs hidden all over the Bourns Patio and prizes for those who hunted the most!
We started the meeting with some announcements and talked about upcoming opportunities. Then we had an ice breaker to bring people closer — literally! The game was a classic teamwork and communication experience — A HUMAN KNOT! We formed groups based on majors — mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, bioengineers, galore! Smaller majors joined forces. Everyone had to randomly hold hands and then try to unknot themselves into a neat circle. The catch was — it was a race against the other engineering groups!

By the end of the activity the vibe in the room was all fun and positivity! How could we not be besties after holding hands for ten minutes?
After the literally-bonding activity, it was time to change gears. EVERY ONE FOR THEMSELVES! Everyone was released to find eggs so everyone rushed downstairs to the patio. The eggs were everywhere and nowhere. On top of trees, under bushes, in cracks on the concrete, and who knows where else! After about ten minutes of egg-hunting, a winner — by a landslide — emerged. We took some pictures and then we concluded the day. An egg-cellent meeting! (Yes, that pun was used twice.)



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