SWE-UCR Women in Engineering Meeting

The first SWE speaker series truly encompassed many different career paths and life paths after graduation. It focused on three individuals with very different upbringings, personalities, and experiences which truly demonstrates how everyone’s route is different.
Sandra Hernandez explained her experiences as fresh UCR graduate with a Chemical engineering degree and explained her travels and her search for work- something that we’ll all most likely encounter. She minored in creative writing and spoke about her love for reading and writing and how she has read many works dealing with careers.
Ariana Thacker, a Chemical Engineering graduate, gave a wonderful and insightful presentation on professional development by explaining her work and life experiences after graduating from UCLA. She also debuted her and her sister’s new company BootUp focusing on professional networking.

Renee Van Dorne, a Mechanical Engineering graduate with over 20+ years of experiences, gave a wonderful presentation on her well-rounded career paths as well as educated many of us about the hardship and diversities of being a women engineer. She explained her time in the aerospace industry and how she moved onto medicinal engineering with Edwards Lifesciences. Renee gave an inspiring presentation where she acknowledges the different hardships today’s young engineers must endure as opposed to her own hardships throughout her careers.
The first SWE speaker series truly did encompass the many different paths after graduation. It truly embraces our differences and the many different routes that we may take after we take off our cap and gown.


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