July 2014

July 1st: Financial Year 15 begins! New RCT takes office

August 2014

Classes start for many collegiates

September 2014

September 12th to 14th: ABJ leadership meeting, Las Vegas, NV

October 2014

October 23rd to 26th: Annual Conference (WE14) in LA!

January 2015

January 25th: Second section report due

February/March 2015

February 27th – March 1st: Region B Conference, San Luis Obispo

April 2015

April 15th: Third section report due

October 2015

October 22nd-24th: Annual Conference (WE15) in Nashville, TN!

February 2016 

February 18-20: Regions ABJ Conference in Seattle, WA

June 2016

June 30: Annual Report due to Headquarters

July 2016

July 31: Financial Report due to Headquarters

October 2016

October 27-29: WE16 in Philadelphia, PA


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