FAQs: Blog Content, Maintenance, Owner

Who owns/is in charge of the blog?

The Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE) serves as the blog’s owner. She is in charge of updating links, adding content, moderating comments, and other related activities.

Who can submit blog content?

Any SWE member can submit content.

How do I submit photos or a post to the blog?

You can submit posts easily using our GoogleForm here.  Please email the RCCE at rcce-b@swe.org with any photos to include in your submission.

How soon after I submit content will it be posted?

Content will typically be posted as soon as it has been submitted, however, if the submission is regarding an event in the distant future, it may be delayed. Submissions may also be delayed if the RCCE’s schedule is particularly busy or its content must be discussed with the Region Collegiate Team.

The link to my section’s website is wrong. How do I correct this?

Email the RCCE (rcce-b@swe.org) and let her know. Be sure to mention the name and/or number of your section.

I have a great idea for the blog. How do I let the blog owner know?

Assuming you have an idea and not fully developed content, email the RCCE (rcce-b@swe.org). Be sure to mention if you are interested in writing your suggested post yourself or prefer the RCCE to do so on your behalf. If your suggestion is included in the blog, your contribution will be credited on the Contributions page.

Who can comment on posts or pages?

Any SWE member can comment. Your membership status is confirmed on the honor system.

How do I comment on a post or page?

At the bottom of each post or page there is a Comment link. Simply click on the link, fill out the requested information and press Submit.

Why doesn’t my comment appear immediately after I post it?

The RCCE moderates all comments, meaning she must approve them before they are posted. This may take a few days or five minutes, depending on how busy the RCCE is when you comment.

Why didn’t my comment get posted at all?

Your comment will not be posted if it defames any individual or organization or does not comply with SWE rules and regulations.  Comments that are spam will be deleted.


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