FAQs: Regional Organization

What Region are we? 

We are Region B, or the Sonora Region.  It includes Arizona, New Mexico, Southern California, Southern Nevada, and Utah.  There are 11 professional and 29 collegiate sections.  Our mascot is the SWE Bee

How is the Region Governed?

Region B has a team of leaders similar to SWE overall.


Lt. Governor



Nominating Chair

There are also 2 professional and 1 collegiate senator, along with 2 professional and 5 collegiate leadership coaches.  Each professional section has between 1 and 3 representatives who meet with the other region leadership and the collegiate leadership team (RCT) to form the region senate.

Additionally, there are a variety of specialty and committee positions.

Who are the members of our Region Collegiate Team (RCT)?

The members of the RCT are the Region Governor (RG), Lieutenant Governor, Collegiate Interest Representative (CIR), Region Collegiate Membership Chair (RCMC), Collegiate Leadership Coach (CLC), Region Collegiate Representative(s) (RCR), Regional Collegiate Senator (RCS) and Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE). To find out more about the women currently filling these roles, see the Region Collegiate Team page.

What are the responsibilities of the RCT?

The RCT is responsible for ensuring the collegiate voice is heard throughout the regional organization and for supporting collegiate activities.

What does the Region Collegiate Representative (RCR) do?

The RCR serves as the link between collegiate members and the regional and national SWE organization. Serves as a representative to the National Council of Representatives (COR).  She is an alternate RCS.

What does the Region Collegiate Communications (RCCE) do?

The RCCE maintains this blog by providing technical support, creating content, and moderating submissions and comments. She also serves as an alternate to the RCR for COR.

What does the Region Collegiate Senator (RCS) do?

The RCS is the collegiate representative in the SWE senate.  She is a voting member and is responsible for making Region B Collegiate voices heard by the Senate.

Why does our region have two RCRs?

Each region is represented by one RCR per thousand collegiate members. Our region now has two RCRs due to having more than one thousand collegiate members. This additional representation was the result of COR bylaws changes last year.

How do I become an RCR, RCS, or RCCE?

The call for elections occurs via SWE eBlasts in the Fall. These emails will include deadline and eligibility information. Elections are held online or in person at the Regional conference. Results are sent via email after voting ends.

What does the Collegiate Leadership Coaching Committee (CLCC) do?

The CLCC holds training sessions on important SWE and general leadership topics at colleges throughout the year. Contact a CLCC member to request a training session. Training modules include Fund Development, Nuts and Bolts of SWE, and Membership.

When is the next region meeting/conference?

See the Calendar page.


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