FAQs: SWE Organization

What is SWE?

Check out our About page for great information and links about this!

How big is SWE?

SWE has approximately 27,000 members, of which 55% are students.  There are ten geographically determined regions, with a total of 300 collegiate and 100 professional sections, in addition to members at large.

What does SWE do?

SWE is a multi-faceted organization dedicated to advancing women in engineering.  There are currently three main objectives:

Goal 1: Professional excellence – SWE will develop women engineers at all stages of their personal and professional lives.

Goal 2: Globalization – SWE will be recognized as a global, inclusive organization, promoting diversity and inclusion and serving women engineers wherever they are.

Goal 3: Advocacy – SWE will advocate for the inclusion and success of women, present and prospective, in engineering and technology.

What does SWE leadership look like?

SWE has a Board of Directors with the following members for FY15

  • President: Elizabeth Bierman
  • President Elect: Colleen Layman
  • Secretary: Wendy Landwehr
  • Treasurer: Cindy Hoover
  • Director of Regions: Heather Doty
  • Director of Membership Initiatives: Jonna Gerken
  • Director of Advocacy: Mary Perkinson
  • Director of Emerging Initiatives: Penny Wirsing
  • Director of Professional Excellence: Jessica Rannow
  • SWE Special Director: Anca Eisele
  • CEO and Executive Director: Karen Horting
  • Collegiate Director: Nicole Woon

SWE also has a Senate to aid the Board in making important decisions and to give society members a say in how the organization is run.  The Speaker of the Senate is Brittany Elko for FY15.  The senate has representatives from all regions, of varying numbers.  Some senators are collegiates (RCS) and some are professional members.

The SWE Leadership can also be found here. (note: a SWE membership and login is required)

How is SWE run?

SWE at the society level is run by the Board of Directors and the Senate.  They are also subject to the Bylaws.  SWE is also executed at the Regional and Section level.



Other Region Leadership Links
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MAL Leadership


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