Region Collegiate Team

The Region Collegiate Team’s (RCT) long-term goals are to:

  • Drive continual improvement in the collegiate experience within the Region
  • Continue to develop strategic goals that address the key collegiate issues in the Region
  • Deliver at least one new program, initiative, or improvement to the region to address a key collegiate issues in the Region each year
  • Annually revisit, update, and revise the key collegiate issues in the Region

Team Bios

Carina Hahn (RCS) |

hahn-headshotCarina Hahn is a graduate student at The University of Utah and will be receiving both her bachelors and masters in Materials Science and Engineering in May 2016. She will be graduating from the Honors College as a Community Engaged Scholar and Undergraduate Research Scholar with minors in French and Dance. Her research interests are in improving thin film solar cell technology using benign and earth abundant materials. She has served as her SWE section’s Secretary for three years and is excited to take on the role of Region B Senator this year. In SWE she enjoys being involved in outreach and being a mentor to both high school and college freshman girls. This year Carina is a recipient of the SWE Outstanding Collegiate Member Award. In her free time she loves to be outside skiing, biking, running, camping, traveling and just enjoying the outdoors.

Elaine Cope (RCR) |

Elaine has been a member of SWE for 2 years and currently serves as the Region B Collegiate Representative along with being the Vice President at the Weber State Collegiate chapter. She is a junior studying Manufacturing Engineering with an Emphasis in Plastics and Composites. She enjoys planning outreach events such as parent daughter engineering day and getting younger girls involved in STEM based activities.  In her free time Elaine loves to travel and to work on her car.

Nikita Haridoss (RCR) |

ProfilePictureMichelle Tran (RCCE) |

Michelle is a third-year student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo majoring in Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies, with concentrations in Psychology and Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering and a minor in Industrial Technology. She has been a member of SWE for one year and currently serves as Region B Collegiate Communications Editor and Cal Poly SWE Graphics Director. She is passionate about worldwide welfare and determined to improve the quality of life through innovative assistive technology. She enjoys interacting with youth at events, such as Building an Engineer Day and Girl Scout Day, and empowering them to think innovatively. Her hobbies include working on Do-It-Yourself projects, traveling, and learning about art and culture.

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