President’s Call 9

Hello everyone,

Tonight is our ninth and final president’s call.  Remember, you get points for attending and anyone from your section can call in. Here is the information to call in:

Phone Number:  (513) 386-0000

Code: 322231

Time: 7 pm Pacific, 8 pm Mountain, Today (5/17)

Agenda: PresidentCall_9

We hope to talk to everyone tonight!

Region B Collegiate Team


Outreach logging

Hello ladies!

As the school year draws to a close, don’t forget to log those Outreach hours! Log them on this page (

You will get points for Outreach events ONLY if you fill out the form for the event. These are the points that count towards your prize at the end of the fiscal year.

Also, Region B and Society level SWE track the number of K-12 girls we reach and by filling out that survey, you are helping us reach that goal! Plus, in Region B, you have the opportunity to earn a grant for your outreach hours, for up to $1500. And, if you had an amazing event, be sure to submit it SWE for an event award here (

April Presidents Call

Here are the notes from tonight’s Presidents call: April Presidents call

Don’t forget to fill out the attendance survey by 7 pm Pacific time tomorrow

Our Best Practice sharing this month was on leadership transitions and elections. Continue the conversation on last month’s Hot Topic post:


To the FY16 Collegiate Leadership team!

Region Collegiate Representatives

Elaine Cope, Weber State University

Nikita Haridoss, University of California Riverside

Region Collegiate Communications Editor

Michelle Tran, Cal State Poly, San Luis Obisbo

Region Collegiate Senator

Carina Hahn, University of Utah

Section Points

Hello everyone!

Since Region B Conference starts tomorrow, tonight is the last night for submitted blog posts and comments will be counted on the point tally for awards handed out on Saturday.  If you would like the posts and comments to count towards this, please submit your post and comments by midnight tonight PST.  They don’t need to be posted by tonight, just submitted.




RCT Positions – applications still open

Hello SWE ladies!

I know we got off the a rough start with this year’s RCT nominations, so we don’t have a lot of nominations.  We need at least 1 more RCR applicant, and would really love more for all positions so that we have a real chance to vote!

Here’s the quick write up you need to do:

  1. Officer position and section
  2. Name, email, phone
  3. Previous positions held
  4. 200 word statement
  5. Information on completing your duties(meeting availability, travel availiblity)

Send this information to the Region B Governor, Rachel Morford ASAP. Email:


Region B Collegiate Leadership Team