CSULB SWE goes to WE17!

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Eight CSULB SWE members flew from LAX to Austin-Bregstrom International Airport to attend this year’s WE17 Conference. It was the first SWE conference for many of our attendees. Some members arrived as early as Wednesday and others arrived Thursday and even Friday morning. Our section rented an apartment in the heart of downtown Austin which was approximately a three-minute walk to the convention center.

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For most of us, the main event was WE17’s Career Fair. We had fun and learned a lot (and collectively obtained several bagfuls of company freebies!). Many of our members were selected for multiple interviews and several received internship and full-time job offers.  From attending the workshops to the corporate hospitality suites, our members are very grateful for the successful networking opportunity!

On that Saturday, we volunteered for SWE’s outreach event, Invent It. Build It. There we were the “Role Models” for both high school and middle school attendees. We would demonstrate our field of study with videos, games, or models to better explain what we do as engineers. It was a fun filled day with a lot of laughter and learning. We hope we inspired the girls to pursue engineering in the future.

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We also enjoyed exploring Austin! Between the eight of us, we visited the Graffiti Park at Castle Hill, attended a parade, toured the capitol, shopped around Sixth Street, and ate tons of Texan barbeque.

WE17 was an incredible learning and bonding experience for organization. We can’t wait to make it to WE18 in Minneapolis, Minnesota next year!


Women Engineers @ The Beach Day!


SWE CSULB hosted our annual Women Engineers @ The Beach Day (WE@BD) on Friday, October 20! This year, about two hundred high-school students arrived on campus for a day packed full of STEM activities. Our keynote speaker was Ms. Chandni Mehta, an Engineer II from Southern California Edison. Ms. Medta’s inspirational speech described her journey from India to the United States to further her education in engineering and she encouraged the students to take career risks. Ms. Mehta is pictured below with our chapter President and our Outreach Chair.


After the introductory speeches, the high school students were separated into groups and attended two out of the eight different workshops hosted by various CSULB Engineering faculty. Dr. Yu Yang from the Chemical Engineering department taught the students to build batteries from various fruits, wires, a nail, and a penny. Students then used the battery to power an LED light, which demonstrated the conversion from chemical energy to electrical energy. Dr. Alvaro Monge from the Computer Science department taught students to program an animation. Dr. Yan Li from Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering demonstrated how the use of polymers allowed students to pierce a balloon with a wooden skewer without popping it.



After the workshops, SWE CSULB hosted lunch. During lunch, the students were welcome to visit the various booths hosted by other CSULB engineering organizations. Each organization presented different STEM-related activities that were both entertaining and informative. ACM taught the students to make binary search trees from marshmallows and toothpicks, IEEE made homopolar motors with wire and batteries, and SWE hosted a catapult-making booth. Long Beach Maker Society’s ice cream activity was one of the most popular. Students shook bags of rock salt, milk, ice, and flavored syrup to make their own ice cream and demonstrate colligative properties and freezing point depression. NSBE, AIAA, and HKN were also present.


It was another WE@BD for the books! Special thanks to our officers, volunteers, workshop leaders, and the engineering organizations for helping us put on another successful outreach event. We look forward to hosting Engineering Girls @ The Beach Day, our outreach event for middle school students, in the Spring!

SWE-CSULB Goes Back to School!

CSULB SWE had a great back to school season! After tabling at CSULB’s Week of Welcome and Club Rush for two days and meeting lots of potential members, we kicked off the year with a Back to School Bonfire in collaboration with several other engineering organizations on campus including Tau Beta Pi, MAES, SHPE, and Eta Kappa Nu. We held two general body meetings in September; two Honeywell engineers presented at our meeting on September 27. 
CSULB’s SWE-et Committee is also back in action. The committee is for members who are interested in becoming more involved in our club and helping to plan our events. There are several involvement opportunities for SWE-et Committee members, including officer shadowing, collegiate trainings, and informal mentorships with officers.
We are gearing up for a busy October! Our annual Women Engineers @ The Beach outreach event for high school girls will be held on October 20. A group of us will be attending the SWE National Convention from October 26 to 28. We will also be hosting our annual Spooktacular Halloween Party on October 31.

CSULB SWE Newsletter and Website Improvement

comicwebsiteThis semester, CSULB SWE historian Alex Parks had the great idea of creating a monthly newsletter; it features plenty of information regarding upcoming events, commonly asked questions, past event summaries, as well as engaging cartoons. This is great addition to our “SWE-ekly Post” emails sent out to members by secretary Corina Guevara. These two informational documents allow members to be quickly and efficiently informed of the latest chapter and national updates.

Our chapter website has officially published the newsletter and continues to publish the SWE-ekly Post. It’s a great outlet of publicity and convenience for members.The website has also gone under some changes by webmaster Marianne Gonzalez. Be sure to check out our site!


Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Visits CSULB SWE

Representatives from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California came to SWE CSULB’s past GBM to provide info on internship and entry level positions for aspiring students. Speakers included unit manager & CSULB Alumni Arleen Arita, engineer Carlene Wong and team manager Jeanne Hong. The session began with the sharing of details on their personal journeys to becoming engineers and a description of their field of work. They also discussed the California drought and how MWD is dealing with the issue.

Our SWE Webmaster Marianne Gonzalez talked about her own experience aWP_20150304_005s a MWD intern. She had a blast working for MWD in summer of 2014. As a chemical engineer, she was able to have various learning experiences to do with project management and execution. She also got be exposed to other disciplines of engineering.

Shoutout to MWD and thank you for our workshop. It is always great to hear from SWE members in the field.

CSULB’s Journey – 2015 SWE Regional Conference and Awards

ucWTzcWpIBBVFlL-QZgDHKFbcGxGgN0zktQUNPo9X-srN_z3VNQgMTOjLNJsHD6bjQzkqA=s2048pGdYviBAzOCQ04cxuaPOkKud5npmO1YSVumnSJb30xldnZcgluS_ICuDwMOAmcHgJV7O4w=s2048CSULB SWE attended its Region B Conference held in San Luis Obispo, CA from February 27th to March 1st. The conference included professional workshops, a career fair and distinguished keynote speakers. A special shoutout to UCR SWE chapter for being awesome. The conference ended with a stellar note: CSULB SWE received the Collegiate Highest Membership Growth Award with a staggering 178% SWE national membership growth for the 2014-2015 academic year!

IMG_0037IMG_0071In order to achieve this increase, much work was needed of the executive board officers. Publicity chair Katie Lebya spread the word about CSULB SWE through various social media, including facebook, twitter and instagram. Webmaster Marianne Gonzalez also utilized the chapter website as well. We emphasized the benefits of national membership at every GBM, and provided step-by-step guidance on how to register as a national member. By simply communicating effectively to engineering students, we were able to exceed our membership goals. Congrats to all our SWE Officers and members for an outstanding job!IMG_0140

The fun didn’t end there. On their ride back home from 2015 SWE Regional Conference, CSULB and UCR SWE members decided to have some fun by visiting Ostrich Land and the pleasant Danish town Solvang, CA.The journey to and from this event definitely added a nice touch to the experience. We hope everyone else had just as much fun!


CSULB SWE – Interview Tips Workshop

Capture (3)Los Angeles County Department of Public Works presented during CSULB SWE’s general body meeting in February 18, 2015. Guest speaker Pamela Manning hosted an Interview Tips Workshop and interacted with the students throughout the meeting. She spoke from personal experience about how to prepare before, during and after an interview. She also shared her career success story and how she moved up in her field; she inspired attendees to be ambitious yet professional when pursuing career goals.

To interact with students and create a more hands-on environment,  Manning randomly picked attending members during the meeting and gave them interviewquestions to respond to on the spot. Afterwards, she gave “graded” the selected students responses. This workshop was a success and provided students with useful tips.  Many thanks to Pamela Manning and LA County Department of Public Works for presenting. And shoutout to Ivan Perez who is a CSULB graduate and Public Works employee that allowed for this professional connection.