Cal Poly SLO SWE- Robotics Expo

Softec’s 9th Annual Robotics Expo was held at the Madonna Expo Center on Monday, September 25th, 2017. The event was an opportunity for students of all ages to get exposed to advanced robotics leagues and applications of engineering and robotics in industry. At the expo, Cal Poly SWE provided children who attended with a hands-on engineering activity to teach them about aerodynamics, problem-solving, and the concept of engineering. Each student was provided with an assortment of supplies and asked to “engineer” a parachute to safely glide to the ground. This activity resulted in many inventive solutions in which the students designed and re-designed their parachutes to best use gravity and air resistance to their advantage.


Cal Poly SLO SWE: StyleKemistry SWENext Conference Workshop

In preparation for Cal Poly SWE’s first SWENext Leadership Training Conference, we reached out to Syronna Brown, owner of StyleKemistry.

Cal Poly was first introduced to StyleKemistry at the SWE Regional conference when Ms. Brown presented a workshop on StyleKemistry, an online resource for the “savvy, stylish girl” who is “confident, knows her unique qualities, and understands beauty inside and out.”

Following this presentation and the message of confidence and of a female support network, Cal Poly SWE believed that the SWENexters would be empowered by this company.

Cal Poly SWE called Syronna Brown and has arranged for her to come and present a workshop at the SWENext Leadership Training Conference. We are excited to have StyleKemistry represented and to have the opportunity to extend the message of developing a personal brand and taking risks to SWENexters.

Cal Poly SLO SWENext Leadership Conference Committee

Cal Poly SWE is hosting its first SWENext Leadership Training Conference to give SWENexters the tools necessary to run a successful SWENext club. This Conference will feature a keynote speaker from a professional SWE chapter, a series of workshops including a Certified Techbridge Training, a StyleKemistry presentation, and activities concerning how to run a successful meeting. We will include a panel consisting of active SWE members, Cal Poly SWE officers, and Cal Poly SWE committee members from varied years and majors. The conference will be concluded by remarks from our Cal Poly SWE president.

The committee consists of three Cal Poly SWE members, each responsible for a different element of the conference. One committee member is responsible for the panel. Her responsibilities include arranging topics for conversation, leading the Q&A, and inviting Cal Poly SWE members to be the panelists. The second committee member is responsible for arranging the successful meeting and officer position activities. The third committee member is responsible for advertising and outreach to local high schools and other SWENexters. In distributing these responsibilities, Cal Poly SWE ensures a thorough planning process and involves members immensely by giving them opportunities to plan the outreach event.

Cal Poly SLO SWE: Summit Shasta SWENext Club Establishment

Cal Poly has been collaborating with Stanford University and Summit Shasta High School in Daly City. High school student, Gabrielle Directo, reached out to Cal Poly with inquiries concerning establishing a SWENext club on her high school campus.

Cal Poly has offered remote support through this process by advising Gabrielle and her teacher adviser on the process of establishing a new SWENext club, beginning with establishing the club according to high school protocol. Cal Poly SWE then assisted the registration of the club by registering the K-12 adviser as a SWE member and registering their club through SWE.

Cal Poly SWE arranged a conference call with Stanford University and Summit Shasta to connect the two SWE chapters. Because Stanford is closer in proximity to Daly City, the SWE collegiate members will be able to provide physical support for the development of the club.

By helping to establish this SWENext chapter, Cal Poly SWE has extended the SWENext network in preparation for other SWENext events such as the SWENext Leadership Training Conference planned for May 20, 2017.

Cal Poly SLO SWE Networking Showcase

On October 11th, Cal Poly SLO Society of Women Engineers held its second annual Networking Showcase. This event gave Cal Poly students the opportunity to talk with company representatives the evening before Fall Career Fair. The companies that attended this year’s showcase included Boeing, JPL, Amazon, Orbital ATK, Raytheon, Southern California Edison, Maxim Integrated, Aerojet Rocketdyne, NetApp, PepsiCo, Edwards Lifesciences, Applied Materials, Texas Instruments, Imerys, Schneider Electric, Workday, Phillips 66, and Santa Barbara County Public Works Department. The evening was spent meeting and conversing with industry representatives. Refreshments and appetizers were served to allow for a fun and relaxed setting. Companies in attendance received a flashdrive with approximately 250 resumes of attending students. This years event was a huge success. We doubled student attendance and tripled company attendance.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 12.27.48 PM.png

Cal Poly SLO SWE Midterm Study Session

Cal Poly SLO students spent their Valentine’s Day studying for upcoming midterms and quizzes. To get ready, SWE hosted their annual midterm study session where students could collaborate, work together, and utilize the test bank to prepare for their tests. To make the day even SWE-eter, we had heart shaped donuts from SLO Donut Company to snack on.


Cal Poly SLO – Santa Maria High School Robotics Club Mentoring

On Thursday, February 2nd Cal Poly SLO SWE sent two members to Santa Maria High School (SMHS) to mentor their Robotics Club. The Santa Maria High School Robotics Club has over 25 members of all different grades. They spend every Thursday after school working on various types of robots. During this meeting, the students were finishing up their last LEGO NXT Mindstorm robots.
Cal Poly SLO SWE members assisted students in developing their robots for a Line Trace Competition where the goal was to be the fastest team to complete three laps of a figure-eight by following black tape laid in that pattern. The mentors also answered questions about college and engineering in general. Cal Poly SLO SWE is looking forward to returning to SMHS Robotics Club in a few weeks to continue outreaching to the students and helping them with their transition into working with VEX Robots.