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Hello everyone!

Since Region B Conference starts tomorrow, tonight is the last night for submitted blog posts and comments will be counted on the point tally for awards handed out on Saturday.  If you would like the posts and comments to count towards this, please submit your post and comments by midnight tonight PST.  They don’t need to be posted by tonight, just submitted.





Region B Conference – Savoring Life’s Opportunities in San Luis Obisbo

At the end of this month, we will be having a great weekend in San Luis Obisbo at this year’s Region B Conference! Region conferences are an exciting time for everyone and are packed full of energy.  You can meet collegiates and professionals from Southern California, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Southern Nevada.  There’s a career fair, sessions and amazing speakers.  And don’t forget the Region Collegiate Meeting, where we will go over all of the region business, introduce the RCT candidates, and give out region awards for points!


  • A career fair with regional companies (so far, 17 companies)
  • NEW resume workshop on Friday before the networking social.  We will have plenty of professional engineers to review your resumes and help you perfect them for the career fair.  Be sure to take advantage of this awesome opportunity!
  • Three keynotes over the meals, and awards with dinner. Awards will be announced and winners emailed out in the next week.
  • 6 session, with 4-5 speaker rooms per session, with topics wide and far.

Check out the Region B website for the detailed schedules.

There is still time to apply for the Region History award, which is a scrapbook page on section history.

We have recently added more rooms at the conference hotel for $199.  However, the planning committee is looking into working with other nearby hotels to offer better rates.


Region B Goals for FY15

Every year, Region B make a set of goals for the year to help expand and improve our region.  Here are a recap of FY14 goals and successes, and FY15 goals.

3 of the 5 FY14 goals were met: having a ten pair mentoring program, having more section reports in on time, and improving region electronic communication by creating a Region B dropbox.  Unfortunately, this means 2 goals were not met: Region B reached only 11,441 K-12 students, not 25000, and Membership retention was only 63%, not the goal of 75%.

This year’s region goals:

  1. Continue the Mentoring Program with at least 10 pairs
  2. Continue SWEeter Futures and work towards reaching 25,000 K-12 students
    1. Submit online at SurveyMonkey:
  3. Have 95% of Section Reports in on time
    1. Download template/instruction here: FY15_Report Template
  4. Increase Region B membership by 5% (through recruitment and retention)
  5. Improve region communications – update the region website and create new email contact provisions
  6. Complete funding for the Endowed Region Scholarship

Additional Collegiate Goals:

  1. Retain 50% of members in collegiate sections
  2. Increase Collegiate to Career Memberships by 3%
    1. This is a membership that is $50 for the member’s entire education (including grad school) plus the first year as a professional ($100).  This is a huge savings!
  3. Have all sections in good standing
  4. Have each section submit nominations for a collegiate and an individual award


Region B Regional Conference!

The FY14 Regional Conference for Region B was held in San Diego, California from Feb. 28th – March 2nd, 2014.  It was attended by over 500 professional and collegiate members in engineering.  The goal of this conference was to promote development and awareness of opportunities within the engineering community.  The conference started on Friday night with a Welcome Reception hosted by Solar Turbines and the San Diego professional and collegiate sections.  Attendees participated in get-to-know-you scavenger hunt and networked until the reception ended.

Saturday morning the conference started with breakfast and a keynote speaker. Jovita Jenkins, MBA, speech was “Stand Up, Step Out, and Soar” about taking hold of your choices and making the most of the conference and your career as a female engineer.  She encouraged everyone at the conference to meet new people, help others, and always step up to the challenge.  She is also the author of the highly acclaimed book, Get Out of Your Own Way – Create the Next Chapter of Your Life.

After the breakfast, there were over 30 workshops and breakout sessions on a variety of topics being held throughout the hotel from 9AM to 5:30PM.  Each session was assigned to a track; the six tracks being Collegiate, Collegiate/Graduate Student, Professional, Technical, and SWE Leadership.  Along with these sessions, a career fair was held with the 25 sponsoring companies.

Lunch was held with another keynote speaker, President of SWE and Manager of Caterpillar, Inc. Stacy DelVecchio spoke on the State of SWE, where we’ve been and the ideas and goals of the future for SWE and all women in the STEM fields.  After lunch more breakout sessions were held and the career fair continued.

Dinner also hosted a keynote speaker, Anne Shen Smith, Chairman and Executive Chief Officer of Southern California Gas Company. She discussed her rules of success and how to make it in the industry. At dinner the award winners of the Sonora Region were announced.

Sunday morning consisted of the Region Representatives gathering to discuss the Region B Goals, Updates and Announcements.  Overall, the Region Conference was a great networking event and a wonderful experience. Everyone had a great time and are very excited to continue with the next Region and Annual Conference!conf08 dscn1123 img_2076 img_9255 img_9289 img_9315 img_9343

Region Awards!

Each year the Sonora Region presents awards to distinguished members of the region for outstanding contributions, this year the region proudly recognized the following members, company and sections:

Sonora Region Emerging Leader – Professional – Jennifer Harris

Sonora Region Emerging Leader – Collegiate – Megan Adams

Sonora Region Outstanding Collegiate Mentor – Helene Finger

Sonora Region Sustaining Benefactor – Solar Turbines

Sonora Region Programming Award – Professional Section – Orange County

Sonora Region Programming Award – Collegiate Section – California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo

Sonora Region History Award – Professional Section – Orange County

Senora Region History Award – Collegiate Section – California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo

For more information visit the website.


Way to go Cal Poly SLO!  Way to sweep the awards!  Also a special congratulations to our very own Megan Adams for being the emerging leader!

Aloha! From Hawaii!!!


Conference was a blast this year!  There were some awesome tours that people went on, there were some great workshops and last but not least, we were in HAWAII!!!  I have never been to Hawaii before but, boy was it fun!  We had a great conference and were able to meet a lot of people from Regions A and J as well!  I think we should do joint conferences every year!

Some of my favorite parts about conference were:

Tthe breakfast keynote speaker!  Katie Snapp from Skirt Strategies offered a lot of advice about being a woman in the workforce!  She was very motivating and she even has a book called “Skirt Strategies: 249 Success Tips for Women in Leadership” and I am very excited to read it!

I also really enjoyed the collegiate region B meeting.  Four schools (CSU Fullerton, New Mexico Tech, UC Irvine and UC Riverside) and Spencer Palmer won awards for their photo submissions and blog post! The photo above is from that meeting!

And one of my absolute favorite things was being able to attend the luau where the Hawaiian Islands became an official professional section of SWE!  How cool is that?!?!

What were some of your favorite parts of 2012 SWE Regions Joint Conference?!?!

Overall, it was a fantastic conference and I’m excited to see you all in Salt Lake City, Utah next year for Region B’s conference!


P.S. Here is the slides from the collegiate meeting!