Section Points

Hello everyone!

Since Region B Conference starts tomorrow, tonight is the last night for submitted blog posts and comments will be counted on the point tally for awards handed out on Saturday.  If you would like the posts and comments to count towards this, please submit your post and comments by midnight tonight PST.  They don’t need to be posted by tonight, just submitted.





RCT Positions – applications still open

Hello SWE ladies!

I know we got off the a rough start with this year’s RCT nominations, so we don’t have a lot of nominations.  We need at least 1 more RCR applicant, and would really love more for all positions so that we have a real chance to vote!

Here’s the quick write up you need to do:

  1. Officer position and section
  2. Name, email, phone
  3. Previous positions held
  4. 200 word statement
  5. Information on completing your duties(meeting availability, travel availiblity)

Send this information to the Region B Governor, Rachel Morford ASAP. Email:


Region B Collegiate Leadership Team

Hot Topic: Applying for SWE Awards

While the deadline for region awards has passed, now if the time to start thinking about applying for national awards. SWE offers individual, section, and region awards.  You can read all of the award descriptions and exact details at These will be handed out at WE15.  Some award winners will be announced early (and published in SWE magazine), but others are kept secret until Celebrate SWE!

Individual Awards:

Individual awards are due March 31st. There are 18 total individual awards, and collegiates are eligible for the Collegiate Members awards, of which up to 10 are awarded nationally. Collegiates can also nominate their counselor and faculty adviser for awards.

You can read the details of the Collegiate awards in this file, but here are the basics of the individual award:

  • Complete the online application off the SWE website
  • A 1250 word formal statement
  • A photo and short biography
  • 2-3 letters of support
  • A verification of academic standing

Individual members can also submit technical posters for competition.

Section Awards:

Entire sections can also win awards, for overall excellence or for specific programs.  These are due July 1st.

In what catagories can sections win?

  • Outstanding Collegiate Section/Outstanding New Collegiate Section – Due May 31
  • Communication
  • Membership
  • Multiculturalism
  • Outreach Programs/Events
  • Professional Development Programs/Events

You can download the award packets separately for each catagory on the website above, when they are posted for the current financial year (FY15).

Tips and Tricks

  • Start early. That gives you lots of time to work on your packet and get lots of input.
  • Read ALL of the requirements.  That way you won’t be scrambling for a last minute letter of recommendation.
  • Since the section award instruction aren’t out yet, keep events fresh by writing summaries of them and holding on to survey results, pictures, and other notes.
  • Edit! Make sure your spelling and grammar aren’t the reason that you lose out on an award.


President’s Call-in January 18th

If you missed the President’s call tonight, check out this information:

Presidents Call Notes – Jan 18

Presidents Call 5 Agenda and Presentation

Also sent with the call informational email was the FY15 report template:

FY15 Report Template

 Don’t forget, section report 2 for collegiate sections is due Jan 25th!

Deadlines Approaching!

Don’t forget to apply to be a region collegiate leader! Apps need to be completed by February 3rd, TWO DAYS AWAY! For more info, read my earlier post, and click the link to apply.

Also, SWE scholarship are due February 15th. To see the scholarship available (and apply) follow the link below.

Good luck!

SWE Scholarships Announced

Colleges around the nation have been increasing tuition as drastic rates, making it harder than ever to continue your education. One way to offset this cost is by applying to scholarships. SWE has numerous scholarships available, and a complete list can be found at

In 2012 SWE distributed more than half a million dollars in scholarship money. The current scholarships are open to collegiate students who are sophomores through grad students. Freshman scholarships are available between March and May.

To apply, you must log in through SWE, and complete one application. They will then distribute your application to all scholarships you qualify for. Super easy! Don’t forget, you have to be a registered SWE member to apply. If you aren’t already, then please sign up!

Best of luck to everyone applying.

Reminder: End of Year Reports, Competitions and Awards

Hey guys, sorry there hasn’t been much posts lately.  I guess that happens at the end of the year with everyone busy.  Anyways, here are some things to remember as you finish off FY12!

Financial Reports and Annual Reports are due by June 30 at the absolute latest! These are really important and not that hard to do so make sure you get them in.  Also be sure to cc the RCRs!

SWE Technical Poster Competition abstracts are due June 15.  This is a great opportunity to show off any research you have been apart of!  And if you get accepted, you get free registration for SWE annual, some travel money to get there and a chance to win $500!

Section Award Applications for Communication, Membership, Outreach, Professional Development and Multicultural awards are due by July 1.  This is a great way to show off how great your section was this past year!

There are a lot of different reports and competitions, if you have any  questions about any of them, feel free to email any of us or the people in charge of the specific one you have questions about.  We hope you had an excellent year with us!