To the FY16 Collegiate Leadership team!

Region Collegiate Representatives

Elaine Cope, Weber State University

Nikita Haridoss, University of California Riverside

Region Collegiate Communications Editor

Michelle Tran, Cal State Poly, San Luis Obisbo

Region Collegiate Senator

Carina Hahn, University of Utah


RCT Positions – applications still open

Hello SWE ladies!

I know we got off the a rough start with this year’s RCT nominations, so we don’t have a lot of nominations.  We need at least 1 more RCR applicant, and would really love more for all positions so that we have a real chance to vote!

Here’s the quick write up you need to do:

  1. Officer position and section
  2. Name, email, phone
  3. Previous positions held
  4. 200 word statement
  5. Information on completing your duties(meeting availability, travel availiblity)

Send this information to the Region B Governor, Rachel Morford ASAP. Email:


Region B Collegiate Leadership Team

Are you interested in becoming SWE’s FY16 Collegiate Director?

collegiate leadership directorYou may have seen the call for applicants from SWE HQ. With the application due on February 1, I wanted to share my experience so far as the FY15 Collegiate Director to provide you with a better sense of what the role is all about… or rather, the “Five Ws” of the role.


The Collegiate Director serves on SWE’s Board of Directors in a one-year term. The Collegiate Director acts as a liaison to collegiate leaders, contributes collegiate knowledge and interests to the board, and performs other duties as requested.


Responsibilities depend on the year’s strategic plan, bylaws proposals, and other timely projects and task forces. For example, I focused on opportunities for collegiate members that are part of SWE’s global affiliates and further developed the Counselor/Faculty Advisor Coordinator role. You interact closely with collegiate members and leaders, and participate in several in-person meetings and teleconferences throughout the year with the Board of Directors. The Collegiate Director also serves as a member of the Senate. You have the opportunity to reach a greater audience by becoming active on social media, including writing a monthly column for SWE’s All Together newsletter and running the Collegiate Director Twitter account.


The FY16 Collegiate Director term lasts from July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2016. The Board of Directors have monthly meetings, six of which are in-person and the remainder conducted via teleconference. The in-person meetings generally take place in June for orientation, August for installation, October for the SWE Annual Conference, January/February for annual strategic plan review, March/April, and the following June. You also have the opportunity to attend two region conferences. Additional responsibilities may arise on an as-needed basis.


Being the FY15 Collegiate Director has been a formative experience. First, the didactic opportunities with SWE members are endless. I’ve delved into the Society’s rich history and its various facets, from advocacy initiatives to our impact on public policy to professional excellence programs. I continue to meet countless people from across the globe who share fascinating perspectives on SWE and engineering. I now hold an even greater appreciation for the hard work that goes into maintaining the success of such a respected organization and charting the Society’s future direction. Everyone brings a unique point-of-view to the table—with your fresh viewpoint as a collegiate/first-year professional, you play a significant part in shaping SWE.

Second, my leadership abilities are growing at light speed. There was so much to absorb when I first assumed the role; I’m still learning today! Despite the steep learning curve, people are willing to help every step of the way and connect you with the right individuals. Moreover, they support your plans as you determine your next steps in the SWE leadership pipeline. I’ve enhanced my abilities to communicate effectively, set long-term strategic plans, and empower others. The skills I’ve gained reach outside my SWE experience into other areas of my life and bring me recognition at school and in the workplace.

 With the deadline to apply coming up on February 1, don’t wait to start your application. Please note that a new component requested in the application this year is a Collegiate Director Nominee Video. Please find more information below:

Each Collegiate Director application shall include a short video posted privately on  The purpose of this three minutes maximum video is to allow you a chance to use your creativity to tell the SWE nominating committee why you are the right candidate for the Collegiate Director. Possible talking points could include highlights of your SWE experiences, your vision for Collegiate Members within SWE, and any unique experiences you would bring to this role. This video may also be provided to SWE collegiate section presidents as part of the candidate statement package when voting occurs.

Happy to answer any questions you may have; send me an email at Good luck!

Warm wishes,

Nicole Woon

FY15 Collegiate Director


Apply to become a SWE Collegiate Leader!

Have you been checking your email SWE Headquarters? Here is an excerpt from a recent email calling for collegiates to apply for regional leadership positions.

“Are you interested in taking your SWE leadership to the next level? Do you want to make a difference in programs for collegiate members or assist in developing the strategic direction of SWE in the Senate; this is your opportunity to apply! You could be your region’s next Region Collegiate Representative (RCR), Region Collegiate Communication Editor (RCCE) or Region Collegiate Senator (RCS).

Region Collegiate Representatives and Region Collegiate Communications Editor: The RCR is responsible for representing collegiate members’ interests among regional leaders. The RCCE is responsible for communicating important SWE events and best practices through the region’s blog. Plus, the RCR(s) and RCCE from each region will have the opportunity to attend next summer’s Collegiate Leadership Forum in Peoria, Illinois. Click here to learn more about the positions.

Region Collegiate Senators: The RCS is responsible for chartering the strategic direction and adopting long-range goals for the Society. The alternate RCS is responsible for fulfilling her Senator’s duties if the Senator is unable to perform her tasks. The RCS from each region will also have the opportunity to attend next summer’s Collegiate Leadership Forum in Peoria, Illinois. Click here to learn more about the positions.

The RCR, RCCE and RCS positions provide invaluable interaction and coaching from SWE leaders. These leadership opportunities sharpen your career skill-set in the areas of leading and facilitation, group dynamics and communication, and project leadership. Click here to review the RCR/RCCE/RCS Qualifications.

Apply now. (You can also copy and paste the following URL in your browser:

• To apply you will need:
• Member number
• Section/Region
• School and Permanent Address
• Position of interest
• SWE leadership positions
• Other leadership positions
• Why you want to be RCR/RCCE/RCS
• What you bring to the RCR/RCCE/RCS position
• What SWE means to you
• Interest outside of SWE
• Reference to confirm GPA/academic standing

Please also submit a 1-3 minute video that describes why you are running for the position, your name, year in school, major, SWE leadership experience, why people should vote for you, etc. Send the video to by February 3, 2013 . Note that the video does not need to be submitted with the Survey Monkey application but does need to be emailed before the deadline. The video must be high enough quality to post on YouTube and should be under 25MB.”

I had some trouble reducing my video size down to 25 MB and have time to say what I needed to. If you run into this trouble too, then try saving the video at various quality levels, until it gets down to <25MB.

If you have any questions about the positions, please contact me or another current officer. We will be happy to answer any questions you have!

What is the SWE Senate?

This is a guest post from our Region B Collegiate Senator, Wendy Merkley.

SWE Senate seems to be this area of oblivion to many of the collegiates and there are many reasons why.  I would think the number one reason is we don’t really know what the senate does!  I know that we probably understand what the state senators do for our country but that’s not something we think about at our school sections and of the society as a whole.

SWE Senate is designed the same way.  All the senators are elected by the body of the society (you).  Each region has two professional senators and one collegiate senator and the internationals have two senators.  (One common misconception is that there is a difference between the collegiates and the professionals.  The only difference is a collegiate senator must be a collegiate member of SWE.)  All senators have the same voting abilities and they are there to represent their region’s best interest at senate meetings.

So what happens at senate meetings?  Well, we follow parliamentary procedures and try to develop SWE into what it needs to be for now and for the future.

This is done through bylaw changes and motions.  They are brought before the senate, the senate discusses them and then a vote is taken.

It is also done through Mega Issues (MI).  MI are “BIG QUESTIONS” that don’t have yes or no answers to them.  For example, MI116 is “How can SWE inspire companies to provide creative opportunities for engineers who want to contribute in their industry and attend to family needs?”

I think my favorite part about the Senate is getting to network with professional members throughout the society.  I’ve sat down next to the President-Elect, Board members and many other impressive women through SWE Senate.  It has been really need getting to see how the society works as a whole!

If you are even remotely interested in the Senate and have any questions, feel free to email me!

Take care!