Cal Poly SLO SWE Midterm Study Session

Cal Poly SLO students spent their Valentine’s Day studying for upcoming midterms and quizzes. To get ready, SWE hosted their annual midterm study session where students could collaborate, work together, and utilize the test bank to prepare for their tests. To make the day even SWE-eter, we had heart shaped donuts from SLO Donut Company to snack on.



Region B Conference – Savoring Life’s Opportunities in San Luis Obisbo

At the end of this month, we will be having a great weekend in San Luis Obisbo at this year’s Region B Conference! Region conferences are an exciting time for everyone and are packed full of energy.  You can meet collegiates and professionals from Southern California, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Southern Nevada.  There’s a career fair, sessions and amazing speakers.  And don’t forget the Region Collegiate Meeting, where we will go over all of the region business, introduce the RCT candidates, and give out region awards for points!


  • A career fair with regional companies (so far, 17 companies)
  • NEW resume workshop on Friday before the networking social.  We will have plenty of professional engineers to review your resumes and help you perfect them for the career fair.  Be sure to take advantage of this awesome opportunity!
  • Three keynotes over the meals, and awards with dinner. Awards will be announced and winners emailed out in the next week.
  • 6 session, with 4-5 speaker rooms per session, with topics wide and far.

Check out the Region B website for the detailed schedules.

There is still time to apply for the Region History award, which is a scrapbook page on section history.

We have recently added more rooms at the conference hotel for $199.  However, the planning committee is looking into working with other nearby hotels to offer better rates.


WE14 – SWE Annual Conference

This month’s hot topic is the buzz about annual conference: WE14!

What is annual conference?  Annual conference is a society-wide SWE meeting.  It includes a career fair, hundreds of talks and presentations, socials, dinners, and more.  It’s a great chance to network, to find that job or internship you’ve been dreaming of, and to learn tons of new information, from outreach goals to technical tips.

This year, annual conference will be held in Los Angelos, October 22-23.  WE14 will kick off with the iScream social, with a costume contest and Halloween treats.  Thursday is chock full of sessions and awesome opportunities, include the collegiate welcome lunch, the region meetings, the opening ceremony, and the career fair kick-off. Friday continues with even more sessions, the career fair in full swing, and the collegiate leaders reception.  Saturday marks the last day of the conference, with more sessions, the WE14 outreach event – Invent It, Build It, the collegiate leadership luncheon,  the SME bowl, and Celebrate SWE, including the free post-dinner dance party!

Why should you go to WE14?

  • The Career Fair – hundreds of companies looking to hire female engineers, for internships and jobs.  There is also a career center on site, for resume tips and free printing.
  • The hundreds of awesome sessions.  These sessions are a great way to spark your interest and excitement about SWE.  Learn tons about all aspects of engineering, from leadership seminars by industry leaders to interactive sessions with the CLCC, from SWE membership tips to technical talks on the newest engineering projects.
  • The networking.  With thousands of SWE members from all around the nation and world, you will meet hundreds of people who share your interest.  It’s a great way to meet professionals and collegiates.
  • The excellent keynotes.  With every luncheon and reception having a keynote, the speakers inspire you to leadership, excellence, and embracing engineering

How do I go to WE14?

  • You can get to LA by plane, train or automobile.  Airport: LAX.  Interstates: I5, I15 and I10.  Trains: Amtrak.
  • There any tons of hotels surrounding the conference center.  WE14 even has special hotels designated for conference attendees here.  Additionally, section presidents can stay in special housing.  Sections received an email about this housing earlier this year.
  • LA has an extensive metro and bus system.  There are also multiple shuttle options that go to and from the airport, and LA also has taxi services.

UCSD Finals Study Jam

Last fall quarter, SWE joined forces with the two other diversity engineering organizations on campus (SHPE – Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and NSBE – National Society of Black Engineers) to host a study jam right before finals week.
In the weekend leading up to finals, we booked a room for 24 hours (8am Saturday until 8am Sunday), with at least one officer from each organization present at all times. We didn’t technically have the 12am-8am shift as an actual shift, but we had one brave officer who wanted to stay up all night regardless. There was a constant supply of snack foods (and pizza for dinner) and water. The atmosphere was fairly quiet as each person studied their own respective subject, but could get a little noisy as people would work together on homework problems. The idea for the study jam came from a lack of good study places on campus (as the libraries are usually full or dorm rooms are too noisy).
We got a lot of positive feedback from the members of each organization, saying that it was a good way to get effective studying done. It was especially helpful if a student found help from someone else in their class that they don’t normally talk to. We hope to continue this tradition in winter quarter, but it all depends if we can plan enough ahead of time, as it did require some planning work.

UCSD Study Jam

Our Collegiate Leadership Institute Experience

Hi Region B!

This is Kristi Chu (UCSD) and Ariel Willey (Harvey Mudd), two of the SWE Future Leaders (SWEFLs) that attended the Annual Conference for Women Engineers (WE13) in Baltimore, MD. We attended an all-day Collegiate Leadership Institute (CLI) and we’d like to share a bit about what we learned.

Ariel’s expectations were high for the Conference and CLI before she arrived, but they were exceeded by the time she had to head back to school, and Kristi was too excited to think about what was going to actually happen at the conference or CLI.

CLI was hosted by Aleen Bayard and Sharon Dauk, both successful and respectable women who were there to share their experience as women in the work force. Our hosts focused on being a leader in the work force as a woman, and presented a lot of good tips. They defined several different types of leadership styles: coercive, authoritative, affiliative, democratic, pace-setting, and coaching. As leaders we should know the different leadership styles and how or when we should use them to be most successful.

The SWEFLs were reminded of how helpful a personality test such as Myers and Briggs can be to learn about yourself and your strengths. Determining your leadership style (dominance, influence, steadiness, or conscientiousness) can help you become a better leader. Determining your communication style (active, questioning, accepting, or thoughtful) can help you learn to communicate more effectively. Understanding that most of a listener’s satisfaction is based on the speaker’s style, and not on content, made us realize that we should be aware of our style. We should also be aware that we may not be learning as much as we could be when we are listening.

Females in the workplace often lose confidence, and shouldn’t. We should be aware of the statistics, and realize that men use their charm in every aspect of life. Females should also (but we have to watch the fine line)! We don’t have to become a “man in heels.”

We realized that setting personal and team goals is helpful as a leader, and that encouraging your team to “come with you” is often better than dictating to them. Ask how you can help, and be humble by saying things like, “I’m sorry,” “I’m not sure,” “You’re right,” “I appreciate you.” Be the boss that makes your employees want to be better, and advance their interests.

Some general tips Ariel came up with throughout the conference are:
• Be sure to speak into the microphone, and speak loudly enough (whether into a microphone or not) so that the people in the back of the room can hear you clearly.
• Be cautious of chewing gum, especially on stage!
• Don’t speak to quickly or too slowly, and be aware of your audience.
• Try to smile instead of frown, even when you are just sitting in front of people – we tend to have stern expressions when we aren’t told to smile, so be aware!
• If you are giving a speech, or have planned something to say, practice it so you don’t stumble over your words!

Some general things Kristi learned from the conference:
• Networking is how you are going to succeed in life. To get an internship or job, networking is the way to go because it allows for people to re-look your resume.
• The imposter syndrome (when you think you do not deserve success) does apply to women, and as women we should realize that we should receive credit for our work, and that we do work hard for our success.
• You can never have enough resumes.
• When at the career fair, and you hand in your resume after having a great conversation with the hiring representative, ask for their contact information so that you can follow up with them.

Overall the experience was enlightening and enjoyable. Everyone should consider attending WE14 in Los Angeles and the Regional Conference this year, February 28 to March 2, in San Diego!

USC: EWI Banquet

Another successful EWI post! Good to see so many sections are offering so many networking opportunities.

“The largest event I plan for the semester was last night, and it was such a success. Spring Evening with Industry is something we do every year; it is a huge networking dinner. We invite some of the top engineering companies from the Viterbi Career fair to a fancy venue on/near campus. This year it was in the Radisson Grand Ballroom!

One of my friends Meagan doing company sign in

One of my friends Meagan doing company sign in

After student/company sign in, we started the evening off with casual networking. Each company had their own tall cocktail table and students were able to talk to as many companies as they wanted.

Just some of the 17 companies that attended were Qualcomm, Deloitte Consulting, Intel, Microsoft, Boeing, eBay, Turner Construction, CIA, and Chevron. We got representation from almost all of the major industries engineers can go into!!

Setup of the grand ballroom

Setup of the grand ballroom

After that, we went into the grand ballroom for dinner. Students sat with one company for dinner and another for dessert. This was a great time to ask more detailed questions of the companies since everyone was stationary for an extended period of time. The food was delicious!!

Purple cauliflower!!

Purple cauliflower!!

After dinner and dessert, we called out raffle prizes! There were TONS of awesome prizes; so good that I totally wished that I could have entered myself to win them. Just some of the awesome prizes were a glass chess set from Sandia National Labs, tumblers and Target gift cards from Turner, glass mugs from the CIA, and Qualcomm Jerseys that said Engineer on the back!

We gave the company representives thank you gifts in appreciation of their attendance.  We got Trojan glasses from the bookstore and gave them cardinal and gold M&Ms.  Fight on!

Company thank you gifts

Company thank you gifts

It was such a great event, and although it was so much fun to plan, I am kind of relieved it is over. Now time to catch up on the schoolwork that I kind of let slide while I was doing last minute prep work this week!

Catch you guys later!”  — Cassandra, USC SWE

Photo and Post Contest

From now until Region Conference in Hawaii, we are going to have a photo and post contest for Region B!

Here’s how they work:

Photo contest- The section that submits the most photos of their section doing SWE things will win a prize. Photos must be from SWE activities; please let me know what the pictures are of.

Post contest-  Each post a person submits to the blog will be entered into a drawing for a prize.  One entry per post.  Also, sections as a whole may submit posts to be entered for their section.  Posts can be spotlights about amazing SWE members, about awesome outreach activities, fun socials, anything SWE related!

Please send all posts and photos to

Prizes are yet to be determined, but I promise they will be awesome!


P.S. This picture is your RCT at Annual Conference!